The Celebrity “Roast” was created by the Friars Club over a century ago.  Wildly cutting-edge and remarkably witty, this no-holds barred affair in which entertainment legends fire their sharpest comic barbs at a guest of honor has reduced audiences (and guests) to soda-through-the-nose chortles and literal tears of laughter.

And yet, the Friars motto-- We only Roast the ones we love!-- has endeared its honorees to a raucous tradition from which many would run fleeing. It's an honor steeped in tradition and carries a legacy laden with entertainment nobility. Such legends as Humphrey Bogart, Milton Berle, Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar and Jerry Lewis have been publicly skewered, along with high profile celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Chevy Chase, Richard Pryor, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelsey Grammer, Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Matt Lauer, Quentin Tarantino, Betty White, Jack Black and Terry Bradshaw.