'An imposing limestone building at 57 East Fifty-fifth Street will be occupied by the Friars as a clubhouse starting Labor Day.' New York Times, 1957

'I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and our craft. You are my director, my collaborator, my friend,' DiCaprio said in his speech. 'You are part of a community that spans continents and decades and I couldn’t think of a better recipient of this honor.'

'It’s an honor the Friars Club has deemed me worthy of roasting,' Weinstein said in a statement to ET.

When the comedian Jeff Ross started flinging insults at the Friars Club in the mid-1990s, the comedy roast was mostly seen as a relic. “It was like jousting or some lost art,” he said, recalling that comics poked fun at him for participating.

'It’s exciting to be a part of something my grandfather was so into...'

The Oscar-winning director will become the seventh recipient of the award in the club's 100-year history.

The Friars Club is responsible for the cultural visibility of roasts, having hosted formal roasts since 1949.

'He was in the Friars Club, I am in the Friars Club. He liked to garden, I like to garden.'